Elkhound Rescue Fund




It is an unfortunate fact that occasionally, for various reasons, some owners find they are no longer able to keep their Norwegian Elkhound.

The Elkhound Rescue Fund was formed in 1971 by a group of enthusiasts who realised there was a need to offer assistance to such people.

The fund aims to find suitable homes for these great dogs and the money necessary to finance such an organisation, and we try our best to insure a good match between Elkhound and owner.

The fund keeps a register of possible homes and in the event of one being needed, endeavours to put the owner of the dog in direct contact with a new owner.

This Rescue Fund does not deal in Norwegian Elkhounds, and makes no charge for services, but its expenses, such as kennelling, transportation, postage and telephone costs are considerable, bearing this in mind a donation is most welcome, it will also help to assist in the rescue of other dogs.

It is an express condition of the Fund, that any dog placed in a new home will not be used for showing or breeding or be sold. For this reason, all papers, pedigrees and registrations, are retained by the fund and the new owners will enter into a written undertaking regarding this.

The Fund is always grateful to hear from those willing to offer homes to Elkhounds.

Obviously Rescue dogs cannot be supplied to order and searching enquiries are made to ensure that new homes are suitable. It is necessary to make sure that prospective new owners know what its like to own an Elkhound, please read living with a Norwegian Elkhound first to make sure they are the dog for you.

Upon completion of the questionnaire and adoption contract, arrangements will be made for an experienced Elkhound owner to visit, who may bring an Elkhound to your home, giving potential owners the opportunity to ask questions and see an Elkhound at first hand.


If you are looking for a new home for your Elkhound, please think carefully and make absolutely sure it's what you and your family want. Most Elkhounds go through a spell of being hard work, usually between the ages of 9-18months, just as they begin to find their feet, but with patience and discipline it can be worked through. If you need help and advice please contact any fund member who will always be willing to help, we can also put you in touch with people locally who will be able to help you through this stage. If you are still determined to go ahead and rehome your dog please consider we sometimes have people waiting immediately for a dog and we may move quickly to get the dog into it's new environment, be aware that although we understand you may change your mind and ask for the dog back, this won't always be possible, please be sure before you go ahead as once you have signed the dog over to us we cannot negotiate further, make the right decision for yourself but more importantly the dog.