Elkhound Rescue Fund

Origins of Elkhound Rescue

The Elkhound Rescue Fund was initially set up in September 1971 by a small group of dedicated loving owners of the breed.  The notes that follow, appeared in Our Dogs following its inception. It is interesting, and important,  to note the names from the past who devoted so much time to the organisation

* - The article below was from 1971. Please note that, nowadays, the Elkhound Rescue Fund will never put a healthy, happy, Elkhound to sleep.  Rescue will continue to keep our Elkhounds in the best possible foster care until such a time that a permanent home can be found.


The sponsored walk in aid of the Elkhound Rescue Fund has brought in £28.50 to date, more to come it is hoped by way of various ploys being planned.


The first meeting of the Elkhound Rescue Fund took place at Mr and Mrs Haddon's house, with an attendance of 14.  A committee has been formed with charman Mrs Newton, secretary Mrs Harburn, treasurer Frank Rogers and welfare office Mrs Haddon.  It was agreed that owners unable to keep their dog should first contact the breeder, before the Rescue Fund.  Two lists would be kept, one of possible future owners, the second of those able and willing to look after a dog until a home was found.


Owing to the possibility of dogs from pet homes not being inoculated, it might be necessary to have them examined by a vet and a temporary inoculation given.  A fortnights isolation was suggested, during which the dog's health and temperament be assessed,  if unsuitable, it would be put down.  The maximum time to keep a dog be three months (see above*).  Pedigrees not to be given to new owners, to try to combat the breeding from them.  If the new owners wanted to show or breed, then the officers would assess the matter.


No receipts would be sent, unless SAE's were enclosed with subscription, but lists of donors would be printed in the canine press.  To date these are Mr and Mrs Buckley, Mrs and Miss Wilson, Mrs Newton, T Coad, Mr Crossley, Miss P Radford, Mrs C Jackson, Mr and Mrs F E Rogers, Mrs E Grace, Mr Mackenzie, Mrs Harburn, Mr Maclennan, Mr Wreschner, Mr Griffiths, Mrs Lomax, Mrs Winter, Mrs P Clarke, Mr Dabeur, Mrs and Miss Rousell and Mrs Heffer.


The meeting also stressed the need for owners to leave some written instructions about the care of their pets in the event of their death.   Also it is hoped that stud dog owners, and those selling bitch puppies, would try to advise against breeding litters unless the bitch owner could have time and money and space to run them on, if not sold at once, and also realised the necessity for letting people know what they are taking on with the adorable bundle of fur. 

Kitty C Heffer