Elkhound Rescue Fund

Assistance to Breeders

Occasionally a breeder may have a dog returned due to a variety of reasons. The Elkhound Rescue Fund recognises the need for clarity on the position of the Charity and in such circumstances and in June 2008 agreed the following:

Elkhound Rescue is able to assist Norwegian Elkhound breeders who find they have had a dog returned in the following way:

            i).         Elkhound Rescue will assist breeders in locating homes for dogs returned but preference will always be given to Elkhounds currently kennelled at Rescues expense.

            ii). Elkhound Rescue will offer to list details of dogs returned to breeders on the Elkhound Rescue website. With details of each dog and contacts.

            iii). Elkhound Rescue may be able to assist in other ways but it  is expected that any costs incurred by Elkhound Rescue will be fully re-imbursed

iv). The Elkhound Rescue Fund offers this as a service in good faith to breeders seeking a home for Elkhounds. Elkhound Rescue are not responsible for any subsequent costs or issues.

Updated  December 2012

The following was passed at a meeting of the Trustees in June 2008.

Elkhound Rescue Fund - Charity Number 1124245