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The Elkhound Rescue Fund - Charity Number 1124245

Welcome to the Elkhound Rescue Website

We aim to provide loving permanent homes for Elkhounds whose owners can no longer keep them. This organisation is based in the U.K and offers its services to Elkhounds and owners who are resident in England, Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland. We are always happy to hear from potential rescue owners. We do not operate a first come first served system but try to ensure that each Elkhound is placed in a home most suitable for their individual needs.

All Elkhounds will be vaccinated and wormed, some will be Vet checked and most will be neutered before they are placed or re-homed with neutering as part of the contract. Micro-chipping is also available.

All Elkhounds offered for re-homing are assessed as thoroughly as possible, so we can give new owners the information needed. Some of our dogs are placed in kennels first, some are fostered with an experienced family and some will be homed direct from previous owners.

If you have an Elkhound you are no longer able to care for, you should initially contact the breeder. If you do not know the name of the breeder or they are unable to assist, please contact any of the fund Trustees, who will make necessary arrangements. If you have had an Elkhound returned that you have bred, please visit our web page "assistance to breeders".

All our homes are carefully checked as we try our best to ensure a good match between Elkhound and new owner.

If you would like to apply to the Rescue Fund to offer a home, please click onto Rescue Application details.